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With Access to a variety of space planning software solutions CMS has the ability to be interoperable with any existing space planning system


The software can  provide localised assortment and retail space planning solutions, as well as the ability to:


  • View full visibility and management analytics

  • Control inventory, local assortments, store clusters,    and shelf and store planning

  • Unify management of category, channel, and retailer performance

  • Provide accurate forecasts based on category trends, insights, and opportunity analyses

  • Enable truly local assortments at cluster and store level

  • Increase sales, minimise costs, and increase profits

Solutions include :


  • Assortment Management

  • Assortment Optimization

  • Category Insights

  • Space Planning

  • Space Automation

  • Macro Space Planning

  • Planogram Publishing

  • Intelligent Store Clustering

Shelf Planning

Retail Store Planning and 3D Visualization

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